Haas Brothers 'Lynda' Box & Plates - Malibu (Special Edition)

£626.50 £895.00
By L'Objet

As part of the new collection designed by L'Objet in collaboration with the Haas Brothers, the 'Lynda' box epitomises the playful surrealism that defines the series. Lynda is an exquisitely decorated yet secretive creature, who likes to hide treasure in her belly. She rewards anyone brave enough to come close to discover the surprise of what she keeps within. Designed to create an unforgettable serving ceremony.

  • Design: Haas Brothers
  • Materials: Porcelain 
  • Dimensions: D14 x H17cm
  • Set of 4 Plates Included
  • Presented in a Luxury Gift Box
  • Handmade in Portugal
  • In Stock & Ready To Ship