On the occasion of the 61st edition of Milan Design Week, Poltronova will present an immersive display to showcase a new collection of rugs inspired by some of its own iconic products.

Curated by in collaboration with Mosca Partners, the dreamlike installation titled ‘Ultrafravola,’ takes its inspiration from Poltronova’s “best seller”, the Sottsass-designed Ultrafragola Mirror, and invites you to look beyond its reflective surface to discover the Tuscan brands’ rich catalogue.

The visual and performative journey winds its way through eight environments, each dedicated to a furnishing accessory – Joe, Ultrafragola, Safari, Superonda, Plasma, Mies, Rumble and Canton - where, in a surreal atmosphere dictated by a play of “curtains” and a reflecting floor, the public can walk around and let their imagination run free. On the side, products such as the lighting fixtures Gherpe, Sanremo and Passiflora will amplify the playful and dreamlike dimension of the installation.

To reach the maze of rooms visitors are invited to walk on a very special rug, one designed by Lapo Binazzi, a former member of the historic 1960s radical collective UFO. ‘Autostrada’ is exactly what it promises, a roadway modulated in curves and straight lines, each one leading to a unique room scene specific to a rug design.

Produced in collaboration with Italian rug brand, cc-tapis, Poltronova’s vibrant, hand-knotted rug collection adds a new dimension to the brands iconic catalogue whilst feeling like it has always been present.

Autostrada Modular Rugs

Originally produced in 1990 as a unique piece for the Andrea Branzi-curated ‘Il Dolce Stil Novo’ exhibition, ‘Autostrada’ is a series of colourful, modular rugs that depict road markings in which the user can create its own road network. Autostrada is available in two shapes, one straight, one curved and is available in three colourways.

Farfalla, Prato and Cielo Rugs

Inspired by the Farfalla pattern designed by the Archizoom group in 1967, the designs Farfalla, Prato, and Cielo are reinterpretations of the the original pattern. The three rug designs are characterised by an explosion of primary colours and simple geometric shapes spanned by decorative motifs - reminiscent of the work by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

Stella and Stellina Rugs

A nod to the the star emblem which can be found branded onto the leather of the iconic baseball glove-shaped Joe armchair, Stella and Stellina pay tribute to the historic uniform of the New York Yankees and its iconic player Joe DiMaggio, of which the armchair takes it name. Available in two variant designs.

Sofo Rug

Superstudio’s Pop modular ‘Sofo’ furniture system is re-imagined as a bold off-scale rug. Available in two colour ways, the Sofo rug takes its shape from the iconic emblem found on the 1960's icon and is characterised by a composition of concentric circles and typographic shapes.

For more information on the collection and pricing, please feel free to contact us via the usual channels; email, phone or live chat.


April 13, 2023 — John Richards

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