Milan 2017: Dutch design duo Studio Job and Italian design brand Seletti are set to debut a new Pop-tinged collaboration during this years Salone del Mobile in Milan. BLOW's debut collection features rugs, neon lamps, foldable chairs, a set of porcelain plates and mirrors.

The new multi-faceted design brand marries the daring, creative genius of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel with Seletti's concept of affordable design. The collection kicks off with three round mirrors; ‘Peace’ ‘Lips’ and ’Flash’, all of which showcase the collaborations strong identity and “pop” spirit. 

"Since our first project Industry Garden Collection, two years ago, we decided this collaboration should go further. We decided not to limit ourselves to single objects but rather to create a whole new collection of brand new items," explains Stefano Seletti, the brands Art Director.


"At Seletti we love the idea of subverting the concept of 'exclusive' and we relate it to standards, which are different from the mere economic value; we transform exclusivity in to accessibility, to personal tastes and culture of our customers," adds Seletti.

Three unconventional rug designs give the collection a strong foundation and amplify the collaborations diversity. The eye catching and politically charged 'Sausage Department' rug takes its inspiration from the badge of the USA's Department of Defence; replacing the eagle in the original design is a flying pig surrounded by sausages; a dig maybe at President Donald Trump and world politics in general. Both 'Egg' and 'Dart Board' encapsulate the lighter side of the collaboration.

The collection is enriched by a series of neon wall lights: ‘Lips’ resembling an open mouth, 'Flash' a stylised lighting bolt and 'Hot Dog'. Warhol meets Down Town Diner in this lighting project, injecting vibrancy and accessibility into the collection.

Six plates featuring the designs 'Weed', 'Flash', 'Mouth' and 'Peace' boldly depict iconography from Smeets' & Tynagel's expansive library: whilst new additions, 'Egg' and 'Hot Dog', showcase a fresh and more playful side of the studio. Each graphic is reproduced using the Vector image format, enabling the print process to be as high and accurate as possible.

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March 07, 2017 — John Richards

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