In collaboration with BN International, Marcel Wanders has designed a collection of wallpapers inspired by the rich beauty of royal living.

Consisting of 14 wall coverings in more than 62 colourways, 'Neo Royal' features an eclectic mix of masculine and feminine designs. The masculine side explores deep hues and expressive, hand-painted damasks, while the feminine side of the collection presents similar materials in light airy champagne tones.

"Through the artful mixing and matching of patterns of stately fashion, we are grandly presenting historic decorative elements in the modern age,” explains Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

“Everything kings and queens surrounded themselves with has given us a wide assortment of luxurious colours and materials to give today's buyer the chance to live the most lavish lifestyle,” adds Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director of Marcel Wanders. 

From metallic embellishments to custom embossing, BN’s sophisticated printing technology brings Wanders' contemporary layered artwork to life.

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February 03, 2017 — John Richards

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