(Maarten Baas portrait by Anton Corbijn)

Dutch designer Maarten Baas has curated an autobiographical exhibition for Dutch Design Week 2016. Titled ‘Maarten Baas Makes Time’, the experimental exhibition will showcase key pieces from the designers 15 year career, alongside the work of an eclectic collection of artists, designers, photographers and performers.

(Relativetimepieces by Studio Mieke Meijer)

Using TIME as the binding theme, Bass hand-picked a wide and diverse roster of artists including Sander Mulder, Theo Jansen, Studio Mieke Meijer, Atelier van Asseldonk and Ward Wijnant to create a unique and fluid design cocktail.

(Continue Time Clock by Sander Mulder)

"The idea is to show how design can represent a unifying factor between the different creative disciplines. So it's really cool and such an honour that it's become a true collaboration between so many diverse talents," explains Baas.

(Grandfather Clock Self Portrait by Maarten Baas for Carpenters Workshop Gallery)

Maarten Baas Makes Time is is a fitting extension and addition to Baas' Real Time series, which dates back to 2009. So far it includes a grandfather clock with a video loop in place of its face, Schipol Clock and the award winning Sweepers Clock movie, in which two performers with brooms push lines of debris to form moving clock hands.

(Close Parity cabinet by Maarten Baas)

The exhibition will also host the world premier of Baas’ newest collection, 'Close Parity'. Consisting of five cabinets made of wood and metal with a brass finish, the series demonstrates a mix of playful simplicity and complex craftsmanship for which he has become known. The custom-made hinges and drawer system defy the laws of gravity ensuring that the heavy cabinets do not topple over. ‘Close Parity’ will form a part of Baas’ solo exhibition ‘Hide & Seek’, due to open early next year at the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands.

“It is something that is actually not supposed to work. It stretches the extremes between a childlike logic and a mature rationality,” explains Baas.

(Maarten Baas plates designed by the artist and produced by Cor unum)

Perhaps the most surprising addition to the event is the inclusion of a pop-up restaurant situated in centre of the exhibition. Designed in collaboration with Cor Unum, Exposize, Vlisco, Serax and renowned Dutch restauranteur Segio Herman (3 Michelin stars), the restaurant’s menu will feature signature dishes by Herman, presented on tableware specially designed by Baas for the occasion.

“I’ve known Sergio since he used my furniture in The Jane. His enormous drive, clearly seen in the documentary Fucking Perfect, works like a catalyst for me."

(Baas & Sergio Herman)

Having received a great deal of attention upon its initial announcement, the restaurant is now entirely sold-out. However, visitors to the exhibition need not despair: A hut, located in in front of the VDMA building, will serve soup created by none less than Sergio Herman.

Maarten Baas Makes Time is open to visitors of Dutch Design Week, which takes place at the VDMA buidling in Eindhoven from 22 - 30 October. 

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October 20, 2016 — John Richards

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