Dutch furniture brand Artifort celebrates its 125 year anniversary with a limited edition re-release of Theo Ruth’s iconic ‘Pinguin’ Chair.

Originally released in 1953, the ‘Pinguin’ or 'Penguin' chair as it was later called, was inspired by an interlocking chair the company’s founders, the Wageman's had brought back from the Belgian Congo in the early 50’s.

The chair consisted of two separate base elements that were fitted together with forked ends and held together by gravity. This chair also formed the basis of Ruth’s ‘Congo’ chair from 1952.

This limited edition release consists of 125 pieces which are available in five Bute Tweed’s; orange, green, blue, beige and grey. The wooden legs are finished in natural oil, with each chair featuring an edition number.

“The product is re-engineered following the exact design, replicating timeless techniques and craftsmanship of the past and adding our technical advances. The craftsmanship remains as high as it was back then,” explains Artifort’s Art-Director Khodi Feiz.

Theo Ruth joined Artifort In 1936, where he specialized in designing living room furniture. Just three years later, he became head of design development, which developed designs by Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt. Ruth held this position until his death in 1971.

Photography: Studio van Assendelft

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November 15, 2016 — John Richards

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