Stockholm-based TID Watches was founded in 2012 by Ola. E Bernestål, Petrus Palmér and design studio Form Us With Love's Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren. Named after the Swedish word for "time," TID strives to offer iconic products with genuine value over time. “We decided that the most important thing was to design a watch that would look good with any outfit and that you could wear everyday, and not throw away in three months when that fashion is over,” explains Petrus Palmer of Form Us With Love. The brands two collections, No.1 and No.2, firmly place a focus on Scandinavian minimalism - characterised by uncompromising attention to detail and quality materials, whilst remaining accessible.

TID's highly praised No.1 reduces the functions of a watch to the barest of essentials - an easy to read dial, adjustable strap, and choice of two colours. No.1 is made of stainless steel, milled and then given a black ion coating for durability, a finish that gives it just the right amount of matte versus gloss on the wrist, while the only noticeable branding is punched into the side.

Launched earlier this year, No.2 continues on the design trajectory set out by No.1 but with more refined materials and details. The watch features monochromatic solid brushed steel case, face and hands. Boasting domed sapphire glass and Swiss made movement, No.2 is an exquisite yet robust watch that can be paired with any of the TID Wristbands.


October 30, 2015 — Jane Richards

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