Internationally renowned Dutch designer Piet Boon and his multidisciplinary Studio Piet Boon team, frequently travel the world meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Their travels enable them to draw creative inspiration from a variety of unique design projects, cultural impulses and new materials such as the extraordinary Japanese Washi paper.

Washi, meaning Japanese paper, is traditional handmade paper of which its rich history dates back to 610 AD. Though the paper nowadays enjoys a contemporary following used for different purposes, it still holds the same characteristics of strength, durability, lightness, warmth and flexibility as the traditional version.

Impressed by the papers characteristics, versatility and beauty, Studio Piet Boon used it as an inspiration for the new Piet Boon Wallpaper design: a modern interpretation of Japanese Washi paper. Washi Wallpaper is presented in three colourways: Green, Grey and Petrol and is available to buy here.

July 27, 2015 — Jane Richards
Tags: NLXL Piet Boon

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