FEATHR: Dynamic Artist-Designed Wallpaper

Founded by husband and wife duo, Anne & Tom Puuko along with Creative Director, Oliver Green, FEATHR.com are a new artist-designed wallpaper company with a focus on "More Art, Less Decoration." Their debut collection features the work of over 70 artists from across the creative spectrum including: renowned tattoo artist Liam Sparkes, typography master Dave Towers, Berlin-based graffiti duo 44Flavours, printmaker Peter Judson, Atelier Bingo and many more. Utilising the open platform of the internet, FEATHR used crowd-sourcing and crowd-curation to create a highly dynamic and consumer driven collection. “We want to lift wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto to bring it closer to art. Art blows minds. Decoration matches the carpet,” explains FEATHR's Anne Puuko.

For more information on the collection email john@janerichards.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1603 622658.

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