To coincide with New York Design Week, renowned Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek collaborated with US design gallery The Future Perfect to create a stateside version of his Eindhoven studio's top floor, known as the "Wonder Room". Originally conceived for Dutch Design Week 2014, "Wonder Room" was created as an exhibition space to showcase Eek's collaborations with other Dutch designers and artists.

On display and available to purchase from The Future Perfect's Manhattan store were a number of new pieces created in collaboration with some of Eek's favourite compatriots - such as Paul Heijnens "Exoskeleton Cabinet", artwork by Marc Mulders, as well as new works by Eek himself, including the "Hand Folded" lighting range, "RAG" furniture and an incredible scrap steel cabinet.

For the first time, Eek also included the work of American designers into his exhibition space, curating a selection of lighting by local designers including Lindsey Adelman, Bec Brittain and Jason Miller. Eek describes this as “a whole story” and says “This is really what happens in our building. If you’re not trying to focus too hard on the result in advance but just let it happen, often something great happens.”

Photography by Lauren Coleman

June 20, 2015 — Jane Richards

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