Following on the heels of the successful Tube Clock and Tube Audio series, Piet Hien Eek & LEFF amsterdam recently launched the highly anticipated Tube Watch. The extruded ring used in the Tube Clock asked for a more prominent role and so the idea for a tube watch arose. As opposed to the Tube Clock, where the aesthetics were a result of the concept, the Tube Watch used the extruded ring as a starting point for the design.

The precisely cut ring and the high quality materials give the watch its refined, yet tough and industrial character. Both watch models, one with a leather strap and one with a steel band, show a different interpretation of the iconic watch face. The D42 (leather strap) retails at £149.00 whilst the S42 (steel band) retails at £269.00. Both Tube watch models are available to purchase here.

April 15, 2015 — Jane Richards

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