After the introduction of Studio Job's award winning collection "Archives" at last year's Salone de Mobile, Dutch wallpaper company NLXL is back with two new collections: “Addiction” by Paola Navone and “Obsession” by Daniel Rozensztroch. “I had the pleasure to collaborate with Daniel Rozensztroch on the ‘Brooklyn Tins’ wallpaper collection for Merci” says Vintage. “In September 2013 Daniel introduced me to his best friend for over three decades; Paola Navone. I thought it would be interesting to let them join forces.”

Not a collaboration in the traditional sense; Rozensztroch and Navone worked independently but the results were combined to create one complete collection called Double Face. One page presents Rozensztroch, the reverse displays Navone’s design. “Our project is not so much about design but about obsession and addiction. They are similar, but not the same,” insists Navone.

“Obsession” by Daniel Rozensztroch: Rozensztroch has been obsessed for many years with everyday, ordinary objects and has not only collected a vast number but has written several books about them in a series called “Everyday Things”, as well as staging exhibitions. “I do not think I’m a collector because a collector is able to devote his entire life to one type of object,” he says. “What interests me is the object in a general manner, through its function, its history, its origin and its simplicity—almost its banality.

“Addiction” by Paola Navone: The colour blue is a constant in Navone's work, be it for dinnerware, tiles, sofas or sconces. Her collection is an ode to the hue. As for pattern, her logo, and a symbol she uses frequently; the fish seems only logical since Pisces is her astrological sign. Naturally, it is included in her collection. “I decided to put my fish on a large scale,” she says. “It’s three meters high. I love things to be big! Big is beautiful. Most wallpaper is usually done as a repeat. My fish is one-off in the middle of a wall.”

April 07, 2015 — Jane Richards

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