Carl Cashman Moosey Art

UK-based artist Carl Cashman has created a series of new work for his forthcoming solo exhibition, “The Sun Shines Out of My Arts.” Known primarily for his colourful geometric work on wood panels, Cashman recently extended his practice to include works on found objects and repurposed surfaces, including old paintings, toy trucks and baseball bats. The artist’s work is hypnotic, often producing the illusion of emitting light and movement.

The exhibition will feature a selection of works in two parts, the first is a series of pieces using only reclaimed materials, whilst the second places its focus on iconic logos and symbology. Still recognisable and within his visual language, Carl continues the concept of creating images by using only straight lines, allowing the possibility of incorporate texts and symbols within his new body of work.

Sun Shines Out of My Arts runs from 4th - 20th of February at the Moosey Art Gallery in Norwich, United Kingdom.

January 21, 2016 — John Richards

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