Verdure Wallpaper

By Arte


Nobody knows exactly when the first verdures were created, but by the 16th century, these tapestries were everywhere. They were entirely filled with decorative foliage, which was often highlighted by a masterful interplay of sun and dappled shade. Verdure's lush leaf pattern, which draws on these traditional tapestries for inspiration, is hand-painted. Light and shadow planes have been rendered with the greatest care, to create a superb setting with plenty of depth. The painting was then transferred onto a luxury fil-à-fil fabric, just the perfect choice for this opulent ornamental design.

  • Collection: Essentials les Naturels
  • Width: 130cm
  • Length: 1 Metre (Sold by the Metre/Yard)
  • Match: Straight Match 100cm
  • Non-Woven Wallcovering
  • Paste The Wall
  • Ordered on Request
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