Extinct Animals / Calligraphy Bird Rug

£2,193.00 £2,580.00


As part of the Extinct Animals collection by Moooi Carpets, this exquisite rug takes its name and inspiration from the ancient Calligraphy Bird. Adorned with feathers in various hues of pinks, blues, reds and greens, this digitally printed rug represents the courtship between the male and female Calligraphy Bird - the circular shape safeguards the poetic beauty of the birds’ courtship, making it eternal.

  • Design: Moooi
  • Materials: 100% Polyamide, Wool or Soft Yarn
  • Tufted and Printed
  • Backing: Felt
  • Colour: Chromejet Print
  • Dimensions: Ø250 / 350cm
  • Made To Order
  • Lead Time Approx: 8 Weeks