Seletti are set to debut an array of bold new collections in Paris for the winter edition of Maison et Objet 2018. The Italian design brand will launch new pieces from BLOW, the pop-tinged collaboration with Dutch design duo Studio Job, renowned Italian designer Marcantonio and Seletti Wears Toiletpaper, the tongue-in-cheek collaboration with Toiletpaper founders Maurizio Catellan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. 

Following the brands debut collection which launched during Milan Design 2017, BLOW by Studio Job & Seletti enrich their collection with a 'faux-bronzed' toilet set, yes, toilet set! The ironic pop spirit of this set is underlined by the choice of product names: the 'Maurizio' toilet paper holder is a clear nod towards Toiletpaper's Maurizio Cattelan, while the 'Charley' toilet brush gets its name from Charley Vezza, Gufram's 'Creative Director.' A set of mats featuring pop graphics inspired by the 80’s are also added.

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In addition to BLOW, Studio Job & Seletti expand their UN_LIMITED collection with the arrival of the Banana (Sconce) Wall Light. The UN_LIMITED collection was launched to bridge the gap between exclusivity and accessibility by bringing the Dutch studio's limited bronze sculptures to the affordable market. The collection is currently comprised of the iconic Banana Lamp series and Tiffany Tree Lamp.

Italian designer Marcantonio will present a slew of new releases including an update of his popular Mouse Lamps. Available in three variations, these new versions are presented in grey and feature brightly coloured LED bulbs.

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Inspired fingerprints and the textures they create on different materials, the Fingers Collection by Marcantonio consists of lamps, tableware, candle holders, and a bell, all presented in a strong brass finish.

Marcantonio’s passion for the faithful replication of natural objects is perfectly illustrated in the designers heart-shaped 'Love In Bloom' vase. Produced entirely from fine porcelain, veins and arteries act as stem holders, celebrating love in every possible way.

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Maurizio Catellan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's Toiletpaper Magazine continues its black humoured collaboration with Seletti by introducing new furniture and luxury cushions.

Launched in 2017 during the Summer edition of M&O, the 50's-inspired armchairs are now accompanied by two and three-seater sofas with matching ottomans. Graphics lifted from the image-only magazine adorn 30 different velvet cushions, creating the perfect addition to the new furniture. 

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January 13, 2018 — John Richards

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