Lynda Box & Plates (Limited Edition of 500) - £780 

American homewares brand, L’Objet and contemporary American artists, the Haas Brothers have collaborated on a range of characterful homewares that spans tableware, multi-functional objects, textiles and fragrances.

Inspired by the barren landscape of the Joshua Tree desert in California, the Los Angeles-based twin artists Simon and Nikolai Haas worked in close collaboration with Elad Yifrach, L'Objet's Creative Director, and the brands master craftsmen to bring to life to a family of creatures designed to enrich everyday life.


Monster Vessels (Limited Edition of 15 Each) - £3,465

The design team at L’Objet worked on a series of shapes for scale and function, which the brothers used as canvases for their creative fantasies. 3D-printing enabled the designs to transport from the Brothers’ studio in LA to the L’OBJET porcelain atelier in Portugal. Together with Elad, the brothers flew to Portugal to manually work and sculpt each prototype by hand before moulds were made ready for porcelain pouring.

Mojave Candlestick - £450/£510 

“We both believe in relationships with objects. People need objects - we develop a relationship with objects we use and it’s a relationship that can be profound,” Simon Haas explains.

Unicorn Octopus Letter Opener - £345

“If they have a character and they talk back to you in some way, then that relationship becomes stronger and stronger. Our goal with this collaboration was to create a collection that fosters a strong relationship between these objects and the people who use them.”

Gila Monster Vase £345 / Mojave Vase £510/£580

The dinnerware is embellished with whimsical motifs from the Mojave desert, setting the scene for the fantasy behind the collection. Across the home décor and textile categories, signature Haas Brother textures come into play: hand-carved scales, porcelain “fur” and whimsical horns add a playful touch to otherwise organic forms.

Celestial Octopus Tray (Limited Edition of 500) - £780

“This collaboration has been a mind-expanding experience for our entire design team. Function is our guiding principle at L’Objet; we make sure our designs are not only beautiful to look at but are beautiful to use. We learned from the brothers to start with the dream and allow the function to emerge. I feel we inspired them in return with our rigour and diligence.” explains Elad Yifrach.

Mojave Moon Table Lamp - £1,485 / Mojave Unicorn Candle 4 Wick - £445

Horn Candlestick - £325

Lynda Box & Plates (Set of 4) - £430 / Djuna Coffee & Tea Pot - £360

Monster Incense Burner - £895

Simon Leg Table Lamp - £895

Lazy Susan Catchall - £405

Fox Salad Monster Serving Bowl - £1,125 / Lukas Soup Monster Tureen - £990

Vermiculation Pillows - £430

Celestial Octopus Throw - £535

Mojave Desert Bowl Large - £1,465

Optipus Magnifying Glass - £180


March 06, 2019 — John Richards

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