Known for breaking the rigid rules of design with its surrealist sense of humour, Gufram now presents its most notable furniture sculptures in miniature form. Designed in 1:8 scale, Guframini faithfully reproduces the brands iconic Bocca Sofa, Cactus Coat Stand and Pratone Chaise Lounge. Each mini creation is made of polyurethane foam which is injected into a mould through a state-of-the-art method, creating a unique piece which is identical to the original one: the same softness, colours and details. Thanks to the artisan finishing, every piece is one-of-a-kind, just like every Bocca, Cactus and Pratone are unique pieces.

The miniature Pratone plays with the juxtaposition of a large-small proportion by reducing to 7/8 the giant Pratone that was originally designed in 1972 by Ceretti, Derossi, and Rosso. Just like the original version, the base of the Guframini sculpture shows the ‘Pratone’ text on one of the sides, whilst the 42 soft stems complete the radical look.   

The little Bocca draws from the exact proportions of the original version, maintaining the sinuous feel and sensuality of a woman’s lips, exactly as intended by Studio65 which designed it in 1970. This visionary and glamorous sofa has inspired artists and photographers as a much-photographed protagonist and the centre of attention in exhibitions all over the world.

The mini Cactus offers Gufram fans an identical version to the original designed by Drocco and Mello in 1972. The mini mould is perfectly identical to the full-scale design and shows 2165 dimpled areas that decorate the stem and the arms of this otherworldly coat stand. The colour was obtained by carefully extensively studying the original green, giving design enthusiasts a chance to own, albeit in reduced scale, a limited-edition design piece that has long been sold out.

Release Information: Guframini is available in our Norwich store only.

Guframini Pratone (£200) - 17 x 17 x H12cm

Guframini Bocca (£190) - L25 x 10 x 10cm

Guframini Cactus (£210) - 11 x 11 x H26cm  


October 24, 2018 — John Richards

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