Ron Ron: Designed by multifaceted artist Marion Baruch at the beginning of the Seventies, 'Ron Ron' is to all intents and purposes an inanimate pet animal and the only furry object in the Gufram catalogue. This pouf/non-pouf has a soft soul of polyurethane foam which is upholstered with a cloth that is perfectly similar to soft fur.

Wimbledon: A square meter of English-style lawn transformed into a pop armchair. The seat is covered with soft green cloth that recalls the lawn of the most famous tennis court in the world; on the seat is a sinuous and ergonomic backrest covered with a typical British floral cloth. 'Wimbledon' is ironic and hyperbolic, but at the same time ergonomic and comfortable.

Roxanne: Designed with the aid of an innovative computer program, the Roxanne armchair is characterised by a groove along the whole perimeter. Perfect for the home environment, but also for public spaces, Roxanne can be customised with different upholstery, colours and patterns.

Magritta: The green apple and the black bowler hat, recurrent figurative elements in the works of René Magritte, are assembled by the visionary imagination of Sebastián Matta. The ABS hat works as the structure while the apple, made of soft polyurethane foam and upholstered with elastic cloth, becomes a comfortable and soft seat.

Torneraj: Designed in the late Sixties, 'Torneraj' is an armchair that seeks wear and tear. As a matter of fact, repetitive use will create cracks on the surface of the seat, which over time will add to its unique character. Torneraj doesn't look like a seat, but becomes one with body weight and pressure, thus playing on the ambiguity of form-function, which has always been one of Gufram's distinctive traits.

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May 30, 2017 — John Richards

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