'Jimmy' sofa by Atelier Biagetti)

Radical Italian design brand, Gufram will launch a new disco-inpsired furniture collection during this years Milan Design Week. Titled 'Disco Gufram', the new pieces were inspired by both Italian club culture and the brands own archives.

Conceived by Charley Vezza - owner and global orchestrator of Gufram, the lively and exciting concept has been executed by three very distinctive creative worlds; Italian duo Atelier Biagetti, Parisian studio GGSV and Rotterdam-based collective ROTGANZEN.

'Charly' sofa by Atelier Biagetti)

Back in the 80’s Gufram produced contract furniture for discotheques, one particular collection, now known as ‘The Spaces of Freedom’, was the inspiration behind a series of bold, modular furniture by Italian design duo, Atelier Bigaetti. Consisting of Jimmy, Charly, Betsy, Tony and Stanley, each piece is conceived as a person with a precise attitude, a sense of humour, a beauty. 

'Betsy' sofa by Atelier Biagetti

“They are personalities in themselves that demand human interaction and reaction, a key element of Atelier Biagetti’s work that explores the physical and psychological power of object and space,” explains Biagetti

'Stanley' sofa by Atelier Biagetti)

“I immediately thought of them for two reasons: their innovative work on upholstered furniture, and the fact that they come from Romagna, an Italian region famous for its iconic nightlife,’ explains Vezza on the collaboration.

'Dance Floor' rug by GGSV

Every disco needs a mesmerising dance floor, so Gufram invited the Parisian based studio GGSV - Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard - to conceive a series of graphic, soul-powered rugs. Offered in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, the rugs draw inspiration from the geometry of dance floors with the ambitious mission to make you dance within your own walls. 

'Dance Floor' rug by GGSV

“The Dance Floor rug is the encounter of a striped font and a podium under a neon light, so that you are the King of the divan,” explains Gaëlle and Stéphane on their collaboration.

'After Party' cabinet high by ROTGANZEN 

To complete the last piece of the party puzzle, Gufram enlisted the talents of Dutch design studio, Rotganzen. Known for their site-specific installations and manipulated disco-balls, founders Robin and Joeria designed ‘After Party’; a series of furniture that features melting disco balls atop specially designed lacquered cabinets and coffee tables.

'After Party' coffee table by ROTGANZEN

“What once was a perfect shape takes on new character and meaning. However, rather than a doomed take on reality, the intention is to offer a playful image of past glory,” explains the designers.

'After Party' cabinet low by ROTGANZEN

Disco Gufram will be make its debut during Salone del Mobile at Mediateca Santa Teresa Via della Moscova in Milan from 17 to 21 April 2018. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for live feeds and news during this years Milan Design Week

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March 23, 2018 — John Richards

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