London-based luxury lifestyle brand House of Hackney recently launched the first instalment of their ground-breaking collaboration with artist, philosopher and political theorist William Morris. The launch of House of Hackney x William Morris marks a defining moment for Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle, who took inspiration from the late British designer when they founded House of Hackney in 2011.

Invited by the William Morris Gallery to reimagine his works for a new generation, House of Hackney founders hand picked three key prints from the Morris archive and breathed new life into them. Peacock and Dragon, Blackthorn and Hyacinth were selected for their striking symmetrical proportions and imaginative use of motifs from the natural world.

Frieda and Javvy re-worked each print, experimenting with repeats and scales and applying a brighter, bolder colour palette than was previously possible with the natural vegetable dyes used by Morris & Co. The collection is completed by the Artemis print, created by House of Hackney’s own designers as a psychedelic homage to Morris’ work.

“The collaboration was a dream project to work on. His principle of coupling beautiful design with a social conscience was a key inspiration in the founding of our own brand, and we are privileged to have been allowed to access his spectacular archive, bringing his works to a new audience,” said Freda Gormley.

House of Hackney x William Morris spans fashion and interiors, with hero pieces including British velvets and wallpapers, home accessories and the brand’s iconic pineapple lamps with a William Morris twist.

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October 01, 2015 — Jane Richards

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