Brooklyn-based creatives Calico Wallpaper and Joya have joined forces to produce a trio of handmade scented candles. The collaboration sees Calico Wallpaper's intricate marbling techniques perfectly balanced with Joya’s innovative and enigmatic fragrances. "Our collaboration with Joya developed very naturally, as we share a similar design sensibility and appreciation of the handmade process,” said Rachel Cope, co-founder of Calico Wallpaper. On offer are three distinct scents: L’Absinthe, Outrenoir and Seul du Monde. L’Absinthe (a dangerous star anise concoction) is presented in a white and gold marbled vessel; Outrendoir (citrus blast of calamansi, chinotto and tulsi leaves) is housed in a black, silver and gold marbled container; while Seul au Monde (notes of tangerine zest, atlas cedar and smoke) sits in a black and silver marbled jar. Due to the delicate handmade process, no two candles are exactly alike.

September 15, 2015 — Jane Richards
Tags: Calico

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