Windows are one of the most important architectural aspects of a property, the threshold between outside and in, and the primary light source. Windows should be treated with the respect they deserve, however, not all are attractive or easy to deal with. Scale, proportion, height and shape, coupled with the endless aesthetic choices on offer can turn window dressing into a challenge. When the window detracts from the room rather than enhances, clever window dressing can camouflage architectural imperfections and make a window visually more appealing. I often employ the ‘less is more’ philosophy to windows which are grand architectural statements by using simple inverted pleat headed curtains with leading edge borders.

Very small windows can be corrected easily by clever optical trickery. Over extending the curtain pole or track beyond the opening on each side gives the effect of a wider window, while holdbacks positioned towards the top of the curtain allow the maximum amount of light into the room. Wall to wall voile drapes hung from the highest point of a room will create a theatrical yet romantic atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms and en suites where you may wish to indulge and relax. Lack of wall space on one side of a window or door is a commonplace problem and can be overcome with a single, luxurious, but simple overlong curtain. Interlined curtains are a great way to conserve heat in our homes and are a practical solution for those draughty windows. Remember, curtains do not have to be boring! They can become the talking point of any room, using strong and vibrant fabrics against soft or dark walls will create a dramatic colour pop.

January 07, 2015 — Jane Richards

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