The Cookie Bros are Graham and Doug van der Pas, A design collective with over 10 years experience working for world renowned design studio's such as Marcel Wanders and UXUS Amsterdam amongst others. Cookie Bros debut collection, including The Danny Boy chair, was launched at Saloné del Mobile 2013 in Milan. The response was tremendous, earning the Bros. recognition and hype from international designers and bloggers worldwide. Building on the momentum of last years debut, Cookie Bros. have been hard at work in the studio, music cranked, fine-tuning the details for their newest collection. If you thought you could predict Cookie Bros. next move, you'd be wrong. Their designs evolve from what they know and love, fuelled by the culture and lifestyle that personally drive them. We caught up with Graham to discuss the past, present and future of Cookie Bros.....and Motley Crue!

What are your backgrounds and how did they bring you to where you are today?

We have done almost every type of work you can imagine. From working in the oil fields to being flight attendants! (Before the tattoos started becoming more visble). Before studying design we tried studying photography, audio engineering, and even journalism. Finally we sort of rolled into doing luxury design for larger studios such as the Marcel Wanders Studio. We adapted, learned to appreciate and even thrived in that world for a while. People wanted that kind of design aesthetic and so we went where the work was. It eventually got to the point where we were just "making the pay check" and not happy. So we took a risk and used what we learned to start Cookie Bros.

What was your intention in forming the brand Cookie Bros?

We wanted to create objects drawing inspiration from our own interests. We feel like there's enough people out there (like us) that will apreciate it.

Your debut collection; the Danny Boy chair and Tattoo Wallpaper for NLXL LAB share a very distinct theme. How integral is the world of tattooing to your design make up?

It's not integral at all actually. It's just something we love so we thought what better theme to inspire our first collection than something we know intimately. I think everyone in our studio has a few of these tattoos somewhere on their bodies. It's become somewhat of a studio requirement.

In many ways your forthcoming collections are very contrasting to your previous efforts. Was this intentional or more of a natural progression?

Our philosophy is not to have a philosophy. Especially in this day and age when trend forecasters predict whats going to be "in" next year based on what color skirt Taylor swift is wearing. I don't think we intend to stick with any particular style. That doesn't mean we are going to evolve with the time. Our game was always to just do what we feel like. We can't predict what people are going to like next year so we might as well just keep doing what we're doing and hope that people can appreciate it for what it is.

What are the stories behind the individual pieces in the new collection?

Our inspiration for the pieces always come from our personal experiences in our day to day lives. For example a recent visit to "SAVE ON MEATS" butchershop / diner in Vancouver, Canada inspired our upcoming Porckchop lamp.

It’s noted that music plays a very important role in your work. If you could be in any band who would it be and why?

Wow tough one...I'd have to say Motley Crue. Because they're Badass! We grew up listening to 80's hairbands so thats often what we play in the studio which sometime drives everyone else nuts. (especially the younger guys who don't get it).

What can we expect from Cookie Bros in 2015?

We plan to luanch our new designs early 2015. We are also involved in some interior design concepts which we are really enjoying and can't wait to show. Milan, New York, London? We want to present our designs everywhere.

November 22, 2014 — Jane Richards

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