william-morris-love-is-enough(Love Is Enough – 2013) William Morris, artist. philosopher, poet and political theorist, was one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the Arts & Crafts Movement and through his company, Morris & Co. he produced some of the most fashionable and exciting textiles and wallpapers of his era. His legacy continues today with Morris & Co. Producing authentic versions of his original designs alongside new interpretations, using innovative print techniques to create fabrics and wallpapers with timeless appeal. The Archive Prints II Collection blends faithful reproductions of original wallpaper and fabric archive documents with new adaptations of William Morris’ tapestry and typography designs creating a collection that embodies the very essence of Morris & Co. whilst appealing to a 21st century audience william-morris-forest(Forest – 2013) Archive II Prints & Wallpapers available in-store at Jane Richards Interiors.
April 22, 2013 — Jane Richards

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