borastapeter-sven-markelius Founded in 1905 by Waldemar Andrén, Boråstapeter is Sweden’s oldest and by far best-known and best-selling brand of wall coverings. Wallpapers by Scandinavian Designers is the result of a collaboration between Borastapeter and Ljungbergs Textil. The collection comprises twelve unique and original patterns from the foremost designers of the 1950′s: Arne Jacobsen, Sven Markelius, Karl Axel Pehrson and Stig Lindberg. The 1950′s was a post war era, where trends were set by function and minimalism. There was a high aesthetic standard in work places and urban environment’s, artists were linked to industry and the aim was for everyone to be able to afford good design at home. The clean and simple forms produced by these four designers made them iconic in Swedish and Danish homes. Their interpretations of the times were produced as porcelain and as chairs, money boxes, sculptures and paintings, on buildings, in housing estates and inside factories. Now more than half a century later, many of their creations are in great demand, providing exclusive examples of a piece of classic Scandinavian heritage that few are privileged enough to have in their homes. Until now, that is. In a unique, never previously undertaken project, these designers’ signature designs have been put on wallpaper. Timeless Scandinavian design as we’ve never seen it before. Shop The Collection borastapeter-arne-jacobsen
February 21, 2013 — Jane Richards

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