Studio Job Comtoise Clock

Studio Job have partnered with Italian homewares brand Alessi to develop a family of designs based on iconic household items. The studio’s first product, “Comtoise,” is based on 17th century French Comtoise clocks that were distinctive for their iconographical motifs, which used symbolic elements to mark the historical evolution of the country.

The studio's interpretation depicts the fruits of good and evil, while fighter planes and cannons juxtapose love letters, butterflies and dragonflies. The clock's frame is made of tinplate, a lightweight material that contrasts with the richness of the designs and is covered with colourful and striking figures in relief. The clock face, marked off by a yellow line, indicates the hours with Arabic numerals.

“Over the last two years, we developed a family of designs with Alessi. We kick off with a wall-clock based on the 17th century French Comtoise that was fairly common back in the days. Although still in the collective memory, rarely seen nowadays. As you might know, Studio Job loves a sense of history,” explains Job Smeets.

Studio Job Comtoise Clock

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December 11, 2015 — Jane Richards

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