Studio Job

Fuck Off - Bronze Edition (Private Collection)


Jane Richards Interiors is delighted to open its private collection and allow selected pieces to find new homes. First up is aStudio Job 'Fuck Off' plaque cast in bronze with hand painted details. Limited Edition of 8 pieces, this particular piece is engraved with JOB, JR & the year 2016 and is presented in a wooden JOB box. Please be aware the box has a slight crack in its side which was present the day it arrived to us.

  • Design: Studio Job
  • Limited Edition of 8
  • Signed/Stamped: JOB, 2016, JR
  • Materials: Polished and Patinated Bronze, Hand Painted
  • Dimensions Approx: 20 x 30 x 1cm 
  • Packaging: Woven Cover, Wooden Box
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