Valerie Objects

Cutlery by Muller van Severen (16 Piece Set)


Designed by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects, this cutlery set looks pure and functional yet uncompromisingly adapted to the design duo's signature style. Every utensil consists of two parts: a shaft and a coloured metal plate on top which creates the handle. Renowned for their strong colour selection, Muller Van Severen opted for blue, copper, brass and steel colourways for a classic look.

  • Design: Muller van Severen
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: Varies
  • Contains: Knife (4x), Fork (4x), Spoon (4x), Desert Spoon (4x) 
  • Gift Box w/ Cotton Covers
  • Ordered on Request 
  • Lead Time Approx: 3 Weeks

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