Milu Chaise Longue

£13,172.00 £16,465.00


Atelier Biagetti's 'Pet Therapy' is a collection where giant, docile, lunar cats become sculptural lamps and seats. Each of these cats are a functional sculpture designed to activate the idea of a home without boundaries, where interior blurs into exterior and playfulness is a serious business that we just can’t do without. Milù is a snoozing bench, ready to be hugged. This bench can be complemented by an outdoor light.

  • Design: Atelier Biagetti
  • Produced by Labseventy
  • Materials: Second Life Certified Material and Coated with Solvent-Free Polyurethane Paint
  • Dimensions: L200 x D133 x H63cm
  • Numbered & Signed
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Made To Order
  • Lead Time Approx: 8 Weeks