MIlan Design Week 2023: Inspired by Elvis Presley, Atelier Biagetti’s new project explores how mankind has always attempted the impossible, to make the mortal immortal, through the creation of “the legend” - a system of superstitions and beliefs that touch people, triggering a sense of awe capable of moving the masses and of making people live forever.

The King is an experience, a celebration of a life lived to the full, a deep bath in the blood of contemporary culture. The show features a series of new legendary pieces: unique, limited-edition objects and paintings shown together to break the boundaries between artistic disciplines.

Atelier Biagetti founders, Laura Baldassari & Alberto Biagetti pictured with the 'Love Me Tender' marble and glass coffee table from 'The King' collection. 

The installation recreates the living room of a fantastical house, the quintessential expression of a gigantic ego. The environment challenges the idea of domestic space turning a haven into a concert stage while painting a psychological portrait of a generation whose most private moments are not private at all.

The King makes its debut on Sunday 16th April from 6-9pm at Atelier Biagetti's HQ located at Piazza Arcole 4, Milano. For more information on the collection and pricing, please feel free to contact us via the usual channels; email, phone or live chat.


April 16, 2023 — John Richards

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